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"Don’t ever stand for that sort of thing. If anyone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back."

Captain Reynolds, Firefly

Oh my gosh, I can’t breath,I’m crying— why has it taken me this long to watch Firefly?  This is the funniest show I have seen in such a long time

(via thedailyreddington)


Do you ever just think

how different the world would be

if Firefly hadn’t been cancelled

20. September 2014


1. Never ask the Supernatural fandom if “they have a gif for that”
2. Don’t be rude to the fannibals
3. Never doubt a Sherlockian’s madness (they can and WILL prove it to you)
4. Don’t ask a TFIOS fan if they’re okay
5. Never insult Loki (or Tom Hiddleston)
6. Don’t mention the word ‘canceled’ in front of the Merlinians/Firefly fans (crying will ensue)
7. Don’t EVER get anyone in a fandom mad, they will gather everyone from every other fandom and destroy you

I will never understand why they cancelled this show.


This is how we started